What Inspires You?

Food in the kitchen, inventing games, sewing costumes, designing jewelry and more, each hold a special place in my heart- as I LOVE to make things!! I'm in an always have to be creating mode - which drives me crazy sometimes! Like when I'm trying to go to sleep, but the wheels upstairs keep churning, so much so that I just have to get up-whatever the hour, and try out a new idea - before I lose it (take that as you will- LOL!)

I had a client send me a picture of a beautiful doll outfit that she needed a custom pair of gloves to help finish the overall look. I had a few ideas in mind and since I was given free range to be creative, I played around with a few until I was happy with a couple to present to her. But getting to that point took hours of trying this and that over the course of many days. I continually took pictures, (more on that later!), had to analyze, redesign, recreate and finally decided that I now liked the options and let her choose!  I love all that makes up this process! The dress, fabric and the style all inspired me down the path I took.

But, there are times that I fall victim of not knowing what I should do next and become discouraged or not motivated......and then for me, the dreaded procrastination sets in! IKES! Or there are times I can be my own worst enemy with negative thoughts or "seeing" my faults. 

Finding what motivates yourself can be a challenge sometimes! .....but knowing what will get your juices flowing is key to snapping back into things! So what inspires you to do what you do? What gets you excited to try something new, be creative or plain get out of bed! Is it nature, a pet, a certain someone, exercise, artwork, a book?

Having a support network where you can chat with a positive friend, listen to uplifting music or an inspirational speaker are great ways to instill some needed encouragement!

A change of pace or routine can help make a world of difference! That is why a little R&R does wonders for a person! We all need to break the cycle of the same old thing - even if you are a person who is pretty much comfortable with how things are.

Fresh air, a hike or exercise can get the blood pumping giving you new energy to complete a task or start a new one!

Making a list and checking off items along the way allows you to "see" your progress towards your goal. Toss in a reward at the end, which doesn't have to cost you anything, (like time to read a book, or allow yourself a 30 minute nap!) as a way to dangle a carrot to get-r-done!

Training yourself to look at the glass half full not half empty can be key to turning a not so fun task into something that you tackle instead of dread. And it's that positive mind set that will make you just feel better about things....and maybe about yourself!

I recently was asked to become an advisor to a couple of youth who individually wanted to earn a certain award. (Message me if you are interested in knowing which one.) There are various levels of the award a young person can set to achieve, and each level has its own set of parameters. This is definitely not something that can be done without goal setting - which in part, is what the award, regardless of the level, is all about. As I progressed in my own learning of what it took to be an advisor, I decided to set goals as to how I would guide these youth. Sharing inspiration and encouragement topped my list.

I searched and researched motivational quotes and stories of people who faced challenges but overcame hurdles to achieve something others didn't think they would be able to do.....and a surprising thing happened! I myself became inspired! I printed and posted around my work area, some of the quotes I found that I intend to share with the youth, so that I can look at the quotes and feel energized too! They are a wonderful pick me up when I need a reminder that, YES, I can do it!

So long as it's legal - won't you share so others can benefit too.... I'd love to know what inspires you!  

Blessings ~ Ruth










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