Ten Ways To Style Infinite Scarves!

10 ways to style infinite scarvesWhatever the name~ Infinite, Circle or Loop Scarves~ these versatile scarves are simply one of the most affordable, must have accessories your doll can own!

Today I thought it would be fun to check out several ways to style my super soft Infinite Scarves! I used too fall into the category of those who couldn't think of ways to use scarves, so I didn't use them at all! However, I learned a few simple styling tips and now my 18 inch dolls can't live without them! 

Super excited to have created beautiful two scarf combos in lovely solids, florals, animal prints, stripes and more colors coming soon!! Whoo-hoo!!

The specially selected fabric is oh so soft, light weight and has a slight stretch which makes these scarves very easy to work with and styling is a breeze! Sized for 18" dolls - you both will love all the ways they can be used! Ya' just need some know how! With a few simple ideas, your doll can expand her wardrobe and look so stylish.....and who doesn't like that idea??!!! She will want to rock these Infinite Scarves all the time!


1) Necklace -Probably the easiest way to wear an Infinite Scarf is to place the loop once over your dolls head and let it hang like a necklace. Wear as is or with a jacket over top for a super simple look!

2) Long Knot -Let's use that one loop and tie a knot. Hold the scarf loop ends together as one piece and tie a simple, soft knot, creating a nice visual. Adjust where this knot appears for several different looks.

American Girl Doll wearing a Mustard Floral Infinite Scarf around her neck

3) Double Loop -Place the Infinity Scarf over your dolls head, give it one twist to create a figure 8 and then place the lower loop over your dolls head. Adjust the loops so they are the same length or varying lengths. Doesn't she look fabulous?

American Girl Doll wearing a red bandana infinite scarf

4) Slip Knot -Fold one Infinite Scarf in half and place around the back of dolls neck so that a loop hangs on either side in front. Place your hand through one loop and grab the other loop end and pull until snug around the neck creating a slip knot. Adjust the slip knot to soften the look. Oh so pretty worn with a dress!

American Girl Doll wearing a Rose Infinite Scarf as a Slip Knot

5) Ascot - start just like the previous Slip Knot - place a folded scarf around your dolls neck so that a loop hangs on either side in front. Use each loop end as a single piece of fabric and tie a simple knot, pulling it up against her neck. Adjust so one loop is coming off the top and covers the lower loop. Perfect to wear with a V neckline, suit or dress!

6) Let's wear a Shrug! That's right a cute little jacket made from an Infinity Scarf! Place your dolls arms behind her back and through one Infinity Scarf. Bring scarf up over her shoulders and move arms forward. Adjust as needed. Super easy way to change the look of a sleeveless dress or tank top!


American Girl Doll wearing an infinite scarf as a shrug and two scarves as a knotted headband


Now let's try something new! Join two complementary scarves together (or two of the same color!) by laying them on a flat surface overlapping one of the loops of each scarf. Pull loop B over top of D at the same time as you pull loop C under A until the two scarves are connected with a pretty knot in the center. The order of the scarves will now be - C/A/D/B  Don't pull too tight- you want the knot to be somewhat soft! We will use these joined scarves a number of cute ways!

How to interlock two infinite scarves


7) Place the pretty knot on top of your dolls head and tie the ends together under and at the nap of her hair for a creative Knotted Headband!

American Girl Doll wearing two Infinite Scarves as a Knotted Headband

8) Start with the knot under your dolls hair and bring the ends up on top of her head. Tie a simple knot and fluff the ends. There! What a cute Bow Headband!


American Girl Doll wearing two infinite scarves as a Bow Headband


9) Let's use these double scarves as a belt! You got it! Place the knot in front and tie the ends together in back. Tuck those loose ends into the scarf or leave them out for a pretty Knotted Belt!

American Girl Doll wearing two Infinite Scarves as a knotted belt

10) Place the knotted scarves in back at the waist and wrap around to the front and tie a knot. Fluff for a super cute Bow Belt!

American Girl Doll wearing two Infinite Scarves as a Bow Belt

Hope this has inspired you to change up the look of your dolls wardrobe with some lovely Infinite Scarves!......what other ways will your doll wear these pretty scarves??? Won't you share below?


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